the tree of life.

Throughout history, the Palm Tree has been deemed a symbol of many things: life, freedom, expansion, and victory, among others.

Known for its height and towering stance, Palm Trees were widely interpreted to mean longevity, spotting opportunities, and rising above challenges. In ancient Rome, palm fronds were attributed to the goddess of victory. In current times, Palm Trees symbolize peace and paradise.

Its story spans the world, in different languages, and in different eras, yet the palm tree still stands tall and commanding – eager to grow anywhere it can.

Like its namesake, Palm Tree Investment Group (PTIG) aims high with the promise of success - always seeking new ventures and exploring possibilities.

We Seize Opportunities and Make Things Happen

Potential is a powerful asset. It is the spark that starts the passion in business. That is why we invest in growth, and ensure success by continuously providing opportunities for partners, employees, and consumers.

Our goal is simple: to grow businesses beyond expectations.


Palm Tree Investments Group owns and manages its subsidiaries operating in both Singapore and the Philippines. Our core strengths are in Food and Beverage and food solutions. We are inspired to create new opportunities and to generate new value in our business.

To date, we have over 100 team members across our brands, and expect to double our headcount due to our accelerated growth in the region.


PTIG prides itself in the hard work and dedication invested by everyone in the company to propel it forward. Here are some of the highlights of PTIG in the past years.

  • Proven multi-year track record of solid, successful growth in Singapore and the Philippines.
  • Proven ability to expand successfully into Philippine market (double year-on-year growth for past 5 years).
  • Rapid growth trajectory of core brands in Singapore and Philippines.
  • is the only dedicated corporate delivery, catering, and event services company in Metro Manila and Cebu. We service major corporate clients including Accenture, Telstra, Convergys and many more.
  • Little Caesars Pizza has been launched in both Singapore and the Philippines with 70 restaurants to open by 2023.