PTIG prides itself in the hard work and dedication invested by everyone in the company to propel it forward. Here are some of the highlights of PTIG in the past years.

  • Proven multi-year track record of solid, successful growth in Singapore and the Philippines.
  • Proven ability to expand successfully into Philippine market (double year-on-year growth for past 5 years)
  • Rapid growth trajectory of core brands in Singapore and Philippines
  • is the only dedicated corporate delivery, catering, and event services company in Metro Manila and Cebu. We service major corporate clients including Accenture, Telstra, Convergys and many more.
  • Little Caesars Pizza was launched in Singapore in 2018. We have 5 locations operating today and target to open 20 restaurants by 2023.


Dedication to risk minimization:

  • Business Diversification
  • Multiple leading F&B brands
  • Catering to different market sectors

Proven and sustainable business model:

  • High growth potential and solid returns as seen in our brands in Singapore and the Philippines
  • Strict fiscal management, enabling Group to comfortably meet its obligations to investors

Flexible investment structure:

  • Debt, Equity, Hybrid